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The Pearl of the Ceresio

The Village of Morcote, which we visited, is considered “the Pearl of the Ceresio”, characterized by its architectural monuments and its natural beauty. We visited the Scherrer Park and met the Deputy Mayor of this pearl on the Lake of Lugano and asked him a few questions to find out better what is hidden in…
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The Little-Known Reason Red and Green are the Colors of Christmas

Most of the trappings of a modern-day Christmas—from Advent calendars to stockings hung by the chimney with care—are, themselves, relatively modern. But the ubiquitous red-and-green colour scheme that dominates this time of year? That has roots stretching as far back as the 13th century, according to Spike Bucklow of the Hamilton Kerr Institute, the conservation…
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16 Years Ago Apple Unveiled the Original IPod

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Apple! It will be possible to find in the affiliated museums, the new 'IPod Touch' that will function as audioguide, silk screen printed with the logo 'smARTravel'. Happy Birthday IPod!   "The 23th October 2017 was the 16th anniversary of the debut of the first iPod, which…
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Loving Vincent: the extraordinary hand-painted animation

This animated film is not merely about the mysterious death of Van Gogh, it was hand-painted in oils over seven years by 125 artists in his imitable style. Any artist’s biography faces the usual critique: it shows us the life, but does it show the work? From Vasari’s scurrilous Lives of the Artists onwards, the…
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