Der smarteste Weg, um Ihre Besucher zu führen

eine innovative Multimedia-App für Besucher von Museen, Galerien, Städten, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Parks und anderen Orten an, die die Möglichkeit bietet dessen kulturellen und künstlerischen Inhalte auf eine neue, dynamische und interaktive Art mit dem eigenen smartphone oder tablet zu erfahren.
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The Multilingual Museum Part 2: Bringing Mobile Technology to the Table

Museum Multilingualism: Bringing Mobile Technology to the Table Last time we talked about the need for museums to cater to their multilingual visitors. Whether they are from the surrounding community or they arrive from around the globe while on holiday, these multilingual visitors represent a vital portion of the modern museum-going population. We also zoomed…
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Dezeen’s top 10 museum and gallery buildings of 2017

Next up in our review of 2017, architecture reporter India Block highlights 10 of the most important museums and galleries that opened this year, including Heatherwick Studio's converted grain silo, the colossal Louvre Abu Dhabi and a Peru museum that replaces another lost in an earthquake. Museo de Sitio Julio C Tello, by Barclay & Crousse In 2007 an earthquake destroyed the Museo de…
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Technology is turning museums into a booming industry

Museums are looking at the best attendance they have ever had, as technology completely revolutionizes the consumption of art. Ranges of new gadgets are being added to their collections, like iPad-guided gallery tours, eye-tracking devices to track gaze, and symbol decoding software. Museums are looking at the best attendance they have ever had, thanks to…
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