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All Swiss Museums present themselves

Annual meeting of ICOM Switzerland and AMS on 24-25 August 2017 We are pleased to announce that we will attend to the annual conference of ICOM Switzerland, that will take place on the 24/25 August 2017 at the Kultur Kongresshaus in Aarau. We will be there to explain our project smARTravel, that highlights the local…
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Klimt Experience

From 26 July 2017 to 07 January 2018 at MUDEC Museo delle Culture, Milano The life, figures and landscapes of Gustav Klimt, but also painting and architecture, the applied arts, design and fashion of secessionist Vienna at the end of the 1800s - beginning of the 1900s: these are the main features of a genuine…
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Getty Museum and Yale Art Center Are Offering Easy Access to Thousands of Images Online

Today, more and more museums, archives, and other arts-related institutions have opted to digitize their collections. Once reproduced, many offer these images to the public by publishing them on their websites. While having accessibility to countless collections is impressive enough, the International Image Interoperability Framework (aka IIIF) has taken this technological phenomenon to the next level. IIIF allows users to…
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Enchanting René Magritte

A giant bowler hat in Knokke, Belgium houses the magical 50-person virtual reality experience. Iconic Dadaist, surrealist, and conceptual artist René Magritte died 50 years ago this August, but his work is reborn in a new immersive experience called Magritte VR. As part of festivities commemorating the Belgian artist's life and work, the Magritte Estate…
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