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The Little-Known Reason Red and Green are the Colors of Christmas

Most of the trappings of a modern-day Christmas—from Advent calendars to stockings hung by the chimney with care—are, themselves, relatively modern. But the ubiquitous red-and-green colour scheme that dominates this time of year? That has roots stretching as far back as the 13th century, according to Spike Bucklow of the Hamilton Kerr Institute, the conservation…
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Dezeen’s top 10 museum and gallery buildings of 2017

Next up in our review of 2017, architecture reporter India Block highlights 10 of the most important museums and galleries that opened this year, including Heatherwick Studio's converted grain silo, the colossal Louvre Abu Dhabi and a Peru museum that replaces another lost in an earthquake. Museo de Sitio Julio C Tello, by Barclay & Crousse In 2007 an earthquake destroyed the Museo de…
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10 Revolutionary Art Movements That Have Shaped Our Visual History

Looking back through Western history, it is incredible to see how many types of art have made an impact on society. By tracing a timeline through different art movements, we are able to not only see how modern and contemporary art has developed, but also how art is a reflection of its time. For instance, did…
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