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HoloLens adds mixed reality to a Japanese national treasure

You'll have to go to Japan to experience it, though. One of the best ways to give centuries-old artefacts a modern touch is mixed reality. The technology allows you to add interesting elements to any object without actually touching or altering it in any way. Microsoft, for instance, has helped Tokyo-based mixed reality lab hakuhodo-VRAR…
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Technology is turning museums into a booming industry

Museums are looking at the best attendance they have ever had, as technology completely revolutionizes the consumption of art. Ranges of new gadgets are being added to their collections, like iPad-guided gallery tours, eye-tracking devices to track gaze, and symbol decoding software. Museums are looking at the best attendance they have ever had, thanks to…
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Enchanting René Magritte

A giant bowler hat in Knokke, Belgium houses the magical 50-person virtual reality experience. Iconic Dadaist, surrealist, and conceptual artist René Magritte died 50 years ago this August, but his work is reborn in a new immersive experience called Magritte VR. As part of festivities commemorating the Belgian artist's life and work, the Magritte Estate…
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