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The Village of Morcote, which we visited, is considered “the Pearl of the Ceresio”, characterized by its architectural monuments and its natural beauty.

We visited the Scherrer Park and met the Deputy Mayor of this pearl on the Lake of Lugano and asked him a few questions to find out better what is hidden in this magnificent place.



You are Deputy Mayor of the City of Morcote and President of Morcote Tourism. Which are the most visited places and which would you recommend?

Morcote is characterized by his monumental complex, which is made up of the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso, the Church of Sant'Antonio Abate, the Church of San Rocco and the Church of Sant'Antonio da Padova. To reach the monumental complex and the terraced cementery on the lake you have to take the monumental staircase which is made of 404 steps. Another peculiarity of Morcote are the arcades, which are unique in Ticino. Under the arcades of Morcote you can find taverns, restaurants and typical shops. Moreover, we also have, of course, the lake and the Scherrer Park. Morcote is all to visit!


What is your favorite place in Morcote?

My favorite place in Morcote is Morcote. I can say that the view of the village is very beautiful seen from the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso, the Church is placed at the top and is the biggest of the city, from this place you can admire a spectacular view on the Lake, on Porto Ceresio and the whole region of Varese. You can admire Morcote from two perspectives, from above and from the lake.



Morcote Tourism offers many events, which are the next ones scheduled? Can you tell me which are the most followed?

Morcote Tourism has a well-stocked calendar every year, but this year outstanding above all the events we have the final evening of Blues to Bop (from 30 August to 2 September 2018) which starts in Lugano and ends in Morcote on Sunday.

We have the Summer Festival (from July 19th to August 11th 2018) which is at its second edition, and contains a review of musical events between mid-July and mid-August, every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. On Saturday we find the main road closed and in each tavern we find several musical groups will exhibit.

We host every two years an impromptu art, an outdoor art exhibition that we propose in the town of Morcote, it is an exhibition that involves the core, the Scherer Park, with local and international artists.

These are the events that stand out the most, then we have the smaller events. For example, we still have traditional events, such as the festival of the Three Magi (celebrated every year on 06 January) and the traditional Biciocada Natalizia- The festive bells (from December 16 to December 24 of each year), which is a special event of Morcote, on the Christmas eve a group of people climb the bell tower and ring the bells melodically and announcing the arrival of Christmas, during the evenings the bell tower is equipped with a fireplace where we cook and grill.  Very traditional events, you can see all our events on our website.


As President of Morcote Tourism, what were the most rewarding moments?

The most gratifying moments are in doubt those where we see the participation of people, but above all when we see that people are happy. The events that are a little more famous have left their mark, for example, ten years ago, we hosted the David van der Sfroos concert in the main square, this was one of the most successful events. In 2016, Morcote was elected "The most beautiful village in Switzerland", it was the first City in Canton Tessin that won this award. This award has led us to many rewarding moments and has helped our tourism.


One of the most attractive places in Morcote is definitely the Scherrer Park, which time of the year do you recommend to visit to fully enjoy the park?

The Scherrer Park is beautiful during all seasons because it is a place of peace. Everyone looks for what he wants most, peace, nature or both or more. Perhaps, the moment I would recommend more to visit the Scherrer Park is May, because the Park is all in bloom.


According to you which emotions arouse while visiting the park?

Unique emotions, which only the Scherrer Park can give. We can experience visual emotions, thanks to the liveliness, the varity and intenseness of colors, but also olfactory emotions always thanks to the plants. Visiting the Scherrer Park is like going around the world, Mr. Scherrer collected and reconstructed objects of art and of famous buildings. The Park is an Eden where you can immerse yourself in your own thoughts and take a break from the hectic life of our times.




What is your favourite place or artwork inside the Park?

The park is divided into geographical areas: Eastern, African and European; every area has its own particularity. The most attractive area is the Belvedere area, composed of a panoramic terrace, where you can admire a beautiful view of the lake, on the Valceresio and the Region of Varese.



What can we do to bring young people closer to art and cultural places? 

In my opinion, first of all through an adequate information, organizing different events for each different ages groups to make the park an attraction for all the bands. Then we can adapt to new information channels, such as modern social platforms.


What is art and culture for you? 

For me personally, art is the knowledge of the past, every form of human activity and nature that manages to excite me. Culture, on the other hand, is knowledge and the desire to evolve, being able to live peacefully with others.



Morcote Tourism:


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